We are Heather and Joe and we like to travel. We decided some time ago that we would rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff. So we lightened our load and started seeing the world.

For over five years now, we have been bouncing about the globe. Through trial and error, pain and pleasure, and a lot of wing and prayer, we have developed our own method and style of travel. It allows us to go where we want, when we want, and make changes along the way as the whim hits us. We call it “wanderlusting” and to really do this we need to travel light. Thus, no checked bag.

We feel we fit into a forgotten category of travelers. We're not full-timers.  We both maintain "day jobs". We aren't wealthy and retired and free to slowly (and expensively) book tours and cruises. Unfortunately for us, the established travel 'industry' seems to market and cater to this type of clientele. We need to reasonably budget both time and money. We also aren't young and carefree and willing to “backpack it” everywhere. Sleeping in hostels just to chase the best surf is just like, not our style, man. The popular travel culture of the digital age seems targeted to a little more free spirited genre. We like a comfortable and secure bed each night, yet we still like flexibility in changing itinerary or direction spontaneously. What we need is a different kind of travel, travel for the rest of us.

In addition to traveling, many years have been spent taking photos and video, writing memoirs and food reviews, and squirreling it all away for some unknown time in the future to share it with some yet to be met people. So, for 2018, we decided to stop hoarding and start sharing our experiences with whomever might enjoy it. We launched the 'no checked bag' website, blog, and YouTube vlog.

We now want to take you with us on our adventures (and even those miss-adventures) as we take in the sights, sounds, and flavors of this big blue marble we share. We will regularly be posting blogs about our experiences, and videos of what we see. We will offer tips and tricks on how we can do what we do, and go where we go, on the budget we have. We will share the experiences, recipes and cooking tips for the many foods we discover, and we will pass on to you any deals and bargains we uncover for transportation, lodging, activities and travel gear.

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